Sitecore contact facets – Create your own facet

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This article describes how to create a simple Sitecore facet consisting of a DateTime and a list of strings.

A contact is made up of facets. Here are all the facets Sitecore uses (you will find the facets in App_ConfigIncludeSitecore.Analytics.Model.Config):

In this example I will add a facet that consists of a date and a list of strings. I will call it “AvailablePublishers“.

This is a real-life example where I needed to store a list of publishers that were available the last time the user was online. Each publisher is just an ID (a string) and I store these as a list on the Contact:

Available Publishers Facet Available Publishers Facet

It sounds simple, and it is – but there is a lot of code involved. So hang on, lets code.


The “AvailablePublishers” is a Facet, the list below consists of Elements. So I need…

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