Master Page Error

If you're like me you may have gone into design mode in visual studio 2010 hoping to do some work only to be greeted with the following message.

Which initially is a bit confusing, as your site may have just run without any problems. But even so you go to check the placeholders anyway and they look fine. Then you copy and paste the ID's out of the Master Page just to be sure, but still no luck. Check through the Master Page itself and that also looks fine, no squiggly lines to be seen. Finally create a new WebForm linked to the master page, but even this gives the same error.

Now if you have the problem I had, look at the title tag in the Master Page. Does it say <title /> or <title></title>? If it's the first then that's your issue. By default VS2010 will put in the correct tag, but if like me you've just slapped in some HTML from an old project or from a PSD conversion that's been done for you, then chances are you may end up overwriting the title tag as well.